Dr. Cindy Johnson of Peak City Vet has a highly trained and compassionate veterinary staff that commits to providing the best medical care for your pets. Peak City Vet staff are not just pet lovers but pet owners themselves. So they understand the importance of working hard to keep your pets healthy. 

Dr. Cindy Johnson

Owner, and Head Veterinarian

Dr. Cindy Johnson has had a heart for animals since childhood. So, becoming a veterinarian is living out her dream. She began this journey by receiving her Bachelor’s in Biology and Associates in Veterinary Technology from Morehead State University in Kentucky. Then she graduated from veterinary school at The Ohio State University (Go Buckeyes!) She is also an AVCA (American Veterinary Chiropractic Association) certified animal chiropractor. After working for an animal hospital in Columbus, Ohio, she decided to venture away from her native Ohio to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful outdoors of the “Peak of good living.” She worked at a Raleigh- based veterinary clinic for nine years. After over 10 years of veterinary experience, she decided it was time to take on a new venture and opened Peak City Veterinary Hospital. When not completely immersed in the world of Veterinary Science, she relaxes while embracing the outdoors and attending concerts. She also enjoys working out and spending time with family which includes her pit bull Loki, and cats, Fender and Gibson. Read more about Dr. Cindy Johnson and her journey in Cary Magazine.

Phen Wolfe

Practice Manager

Phen’s vision as our Practice Encourager (Manager) is inspired by a quote from Francis Baird:

“My mission is to add value; my attitude is of intentional encouragement; and my method is through connecting, rather than correcting!”

Phen’s passionate vision into animal welfare and wellness began two decades ago with a cat named ‘P’ (ask him about his tattoo dedicated to that illustrious cat) and continues today with a pack of formerly-unwanted misfits. Some of those lovable misfits are Alou, an auctioned-won puppy, Anderson, a news-worthy cruelty case survivor, and Olive, a cardboard-box-delivered momma. Plus, there’s always plenty of room for more! Graduating from Tennessee Temple University, Phen’s veterinary medicine experience is vast. He began in the kennel as a professional pooper scooper. Then he grew into a lead veterinary nurse. Eventually, he became practice manager at a thriving veterinary hospital. Having a passion for animal welfare and rescue work, Phen has been involved with cases ranging from puppy mills and dogfighting ring raids to animal cruelty cases and aggressive dog rehabilitation. Phen is the founder of the Paperbag Pitbull, LLC, which began primarily as a think tank for animal welfare education and legislation. However, it’s grown solely by word of mouth into a dog-coaching adventure, centered on Phen’s 13 Principles to Coach a Dog. Phen served as the County and District Leader for the Humane Society of the United States and the North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare from 2013-2016. He currently continues to serve as an advisor to many local and national animal rescues. A published author and public speaker, Phen regularly covers the topics of animal rescue, animal welfare, human mental health, and God’s unconditional love!

Danielle Lucas

Veterinary Technician

Danielle has heartfelt compassion for all animals. Benefiting their well-being is what makes her thrive. This is why Danielle worked hard for her Associates in Veterinary Technology from Miller-Motte College from which she graduated in 2019. It’s also why she loves to ride horses, owns four cats (Mushu, Skittles, Pixie, and Cri-kee), and owns four dogs (Dapper, Franklin, Zena, and Nyla.) Even with all the furry family members, she still finds plenty of room in her house and heart to foster animals through Peak Lab Rescue. She loves Apex, has lived in Apex her entire life and has no intentions of living anywhere else! This means she is a great resource for local tips for she enjoys helping people while trying her hardest to get a laugh out of them while doing it. Danielle is very family-oriented. So, when not working Danielle spends her free time with fiancé Dillon and their son Colton. Together, they spend their time playing with their furry family and sometimes go out to enjoy car shows.

Morgan Lawson

Veterinary Assistant

When Morgan was around seven years and being raised in Fuquay Varina, her family had a Golden retriever named Mike. Mike got cancer, and it broke Morgan’s heart to see her pet suffer. All she wished to do was heal his pain. But, through helping her family care for their beloved animal, a passion spurred that eventually drove her to pursue a career within the Veterinary industry. Morgan began her learning experiences by spending a year as a receptionist at a veterinary clinic. Observing the ins and outs of veterinary care encouraged her to take her skills one step further. So currently, Morgan is working towards completing her Associates in Veterinary Technology at Penn Foster College. A big part of Morgan’s life has been her dog Charlie, who’s a five-year-old boxer lab mix. She and her fiancé Alex also recently added to their furry family by adopting a puppy. They named him Hobbes after the comic characters “Calvin and Hobbes.” When not working, Morgan likes to tap into her creative side and draw. She also likes to camp, check out local breweries, and explore the unique character of small towns with her fiance.

Madison Slotta

Kennel Assistant

Madison is a high school student with big dreams of becoming a veterinarian. She has lived in North Carolina almost her whole life having moved to Cary at the age of five. Madison can’t imagine her future outside a career in animal science so she asked to job-shadow Dr. Cindy Johnson. In August of 2020, she officially began working at Peak City Vet. While working at the clinic, Madison has fallen in love with veterinary medicine. She has a passion for learning and works hard in school because once she graduates, her goal is to attend the North Carolina State School of Veterinary Medicine. When not spending time at Peak City Vet or school, Madison enjoys going to the beach, traveling, cycling, fitness activities, learning about nutrition, and playing with her sweet dog Harlee. She also enjoys learning the ins and outs of running a business from her dad, who is a small business owner.