Welcome home! That’s what we hope you feel when you walk through our lobby doors. Environment can be used to positively impact the well-being of you and your pet. That’s why we purposely chose soothing colors for our walls, natural feeling accents, and locally handmade wooden benches on which to sit. Our friendly staff will greet you with smiles. You’ll also be offered complimentary coffee or tea so that during your brief wait you’ll be as comfortable as possible.

Exam Rooms

Peak City Vet has three exam rooms. Each room provides a comfortable bench for you and a dog/cat bed for your pet. We know that seeing a veterinarian sometimes make your pet nervous. So, to help reduce anxiety, we diffuse essential oils and provide your pet with toys and treats. Our exam room provides a private and calming place for us to perform exams and basic treatments such as vaccinations, behavioral and nutritional consultations. After your visit, we have both a fully stocked in-house and online pharmacy at your disposal. This gives you the option of either walking out of our office with the needed medications or having the meds sent directly to your home

Treatment Rooms

Our treatment rooms are where we perform major care such as surgeries, dental cleanings, and laboratory tests. The surgical suite is equipped with state of the art equipment. This includes an anesthesia machine, pulse oximetry, an EKG and an IV fluid therapy station. The radiology room is equipped in digital radiography that provides images instantly. This ensures we quickly and accurately diagnose your pet. Our kennel room is where your pet quietly rests while in recovery.

Small Touches

When creating our hospital, the small touches were essential. This is because we want you and your pet to know you are important to us. Every single patient is special. That’s why we welcome each patient with their name on our chalkboard. We also provide toys to ease tension and treats to encourage your pet. Your pets are a part of our Peak City Vet family and we’re here to support you in any way we can.